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ylang vanilla

The Ylang Vanilla series is a harmonious combination of two extremely aromatic ingredients: ylang-ylang flowers and vanilla. Ylang-ylang, known for its relaxing properties, brings a feeling of peace and balance, while sweet vanilla adds warmth and coziness to the composition.

A new series of cosmetics with the sensual scent of neroli flowers, offering luxurious care for the body and senses. The carefully developed formula provides the skin with the necessary nutrients and restores its natural beauty.

water melon

A handmade bath bomb with black cumin seeds is rich in natural oils that provide an aromatic bath in a home spa. Thanks to the content of noble oils, the skin remains intensively lubricated and no longer requires the use of lotion after bathing.

kremy SPF

SPF cosmetics by Stara Mydlarnia are high-quality products that effectively protect the skin against the harmful effects of UV radiation. Their natural ingredients nourish the skin, keeping it moisturized and looking healthy all day long.

Travel is beautiful. To make them comfortable and nice, take your favorite cosmetics with you in smaller sizes to take care of your skin.


We offer natural cosmetics for all hair types: shampoos, hair conditioners, scalp scrubs, regenerating and nourishing masks and hair silk. Rich in nourishing active ingredients, plant extracts, vitamins, and natural oils, thanks to which the hair will be healthy and shiny.



A few words from the founder of the Stara Mydlarnia brand

Over 20 years ago, I made my dreams come true. I founded a company from passion, inspiration, and love for beauty and nature. To this day, Stara Mydlarnia allows me to fully realize myself, be independent and, above all, enjoy its continuous development.

Every day, I get a lot of satisfaction from direct contact with clients who give us many warm words, admiring what we do. I have always known that business success should not be an end in itself—the idea, passion, determination, and love for what you do count. Then you can depend on success - also the personal one. Throughout all these years, there have been doubts, resignation and destructive emotions, but I can confidently say that Stara Mydlarnia is my reason for pride. It is a well-growing cosmetics company, one of the leaders of the Polish eco-cosmetics market. The experience and knowledge gained became an impulse to introduce new product lines based on better and better quality. Ecologically conscious customers appreciate our products and are also awarded prestigious awards annually. This is our strength, and it strongly drives us to further even better work.

Sylwia Brzuska

owner of the Stara Mydlarnia brand

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