Founder of the Stara Mydlarnia brand - Sylwia Brzuska

More than 20 years ago, I fulfilled my dreams. I founded a company that was born out of passion, inspiration, as well as love for beauty and nature. To this day, Stara Mydlarnia allows me to fully realize myself, be independent, and enjoy above all its constant development.

Every day, direct contact with Clients, who convey many warm words to us, admiring what we do, gives me a lot of satisfaction. I always knew that business success should not be an end in itself. The idea, passion, determination, love for what you do, then you can count on success – personal success as well.

Throughout these years, there have been doubts, resignations, or bad emotions, but on the whole, I can say with full conviction that Stara Mydlarnia is my reason for pride. It is a well-developing cosmetic company, one of the leaders in the Polish market of eco-cosmetics. The experience and knowledge gained have become an impulse for introducing subsequent production lines based on even better quality. Ecologically aware customers have appreciated our products, which are also annually distinguished by prestigious awards. This is our strength; it drives us strongly to even better work.

Thank you for being with us!

About us

Stara Mydlarnia was established in 2001, opening its first brand store in the old town of Bydgoszcz. To this day, its owner, Sylwia Brzuska, can boast of a charming shop with loyal customers who love this place and the whole brand. That's how it started...

Stara Mydlarnia is a large family business that produces natural cosmetics for face, body, and hair care. An important part of the company's activity is the production of completely handmade soaps in blocks, muffins, creamers, and bath bombs - "hand made by Stara Mydlarnia". Today, the company, which combines tradition with modern solutions, is created by people full of passion, commitment, and above all, inexhaustible energy and endless creativity. Over all these years, the brand has had the opportunity to cooperate with wonderful people. It has managed to gather a very large group of loyal and in love with the brand customers. This is a huge success for the company, which is a reason for pride. Stara Mydlarnia's success is not only based on creating high-quality products. Its uniqueness lies in creating a concept that has turned daily care, from head to toe, into a spa ritual.

Today, it is a network of several dozen own and franchise stores, successes in export, a large share of sales in perfume chains and drugstores, and an innumerable amount of fans and lovers of this wonderful brand. Modern production halls, a laboratory, a series of prestigious cosmetic awards, and most importantly - recognition of customers at home and abroad.

In harmony with nature

We combine tradition with modern solutions to create healthy, natural products, delivering 100% satisfaction and contentment. Our cosmetics are rich in anti-aging active ingredients - anti-age, protect against oxidative stress, improve microcirculation, and resistance to harmful external factors. The safety of the cosmetics we produce is verified by a modern research laboratory, conducting microbiological, physicochemical, dermatological, and usability studies.

Recognized brand

Stara Mydlarnia offers cosmetics for face, body, and hair care, as well as aromatherapy products with carefully selected ingredients, most of which are of natural origin. Today, Stara Mydlarnia is a recognized brand both domestically and abroad, actively developing and caring for its customers. Stara Mydlarnia is not just cosmetics, but rather a sense of uniqueness, comfort, and moments of pampering in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We want your daily care to become a beauty ritual for you. In the interest of health and a beautiful life, we continuously search for new ideas for more perfect cosmetic formulas.

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