New shea butters!
Natural shea butter with bee wax and natural oils. Thanks to rich formula perfectly smooth and firm the skin. Butters strongly moisturize and inhibit the ageing process of the skin and prevent stretch marks. The product can be used as a body lotion. Perfect for massage.
Offer includes:
- Anti-cellulite shea butter Sandalwood & Tobacco,
Shea butter Citrus Verbena,
Shea butter Extravaganza,
- Shea butter Monoi Tahiti,
Slimming shea butter Colonial Olibanum.




New! Eco bath powders with natural oils! 
Deeply moisturising bath powders with the addition of shea and cocoa butter and natural vegetable oils. It is recommended for dry, damaged and mature skin, that requires firming. It regenerates skin and delays anti-age processes. It works smooth and makes skin more elastic.

Offer includes: Citrus VerbenaColonial OlibanumExtravaganzaMonoi TahitiSandalwood & Tobacco, slimming Algae Thalasso and  eco powder for foot Oils of Life.


New massage oils!
Aromatic massage oils with soya, sweet almond and sunflower oil, vitamin E and rosemary extract. Has anti-radical properties, so that inhibits skin ageing and strengthens its protective barrier. Perfectly relaxes muscles and positive stimulates the body and mind.

Offer includes:
Citrus Melon Mint - scented with citrus fruits with a hint of mint.
Citrus Verbena - scented with verbena flowers and citrus fruits.
Colonial Olibanum - fragrance inspired by Africa.
Geranium - scented with gardenia flowers.
Monoi Tahiti - scented with exotic tahitian flowers.
 Oils of Life - fragrance inspired by nature.


New aromas in fragrance compositions:

- CITRUS MELON MINT - refreshing fragrance of citrus fruit.

COLONIAL HIBISCUS - subtle fragrance of hibiscus flower.

COLONIAL OLIBANUM - fragrance inspired by Africa.

GERANIUM - relaxing fragrance of geranium flower.

HAMMAM - fragrance inspired by Orient - citrus and spicy.

MONOI TAHITI - exotic fragrance do Tahitian flowers.

OILS OF LIFE - fragrance inspired by nature.

SANDALWOOD & TOBACCO - fragrance of sandalwood, ginger and tobacco.


Glycerine soaps!

Hand-made glycerin soaps are made from natural ingredients with essential oils. They moisturize your skin and have wonderful smell. New soaps:

- Citrus Melon

- Verbena

- Extravaganza

- Sandalwood & Tobacco


More muffin news!

With the beginning of the spring Stara Mydlarnia prepared for you new aromatic bath muffins based on shea and cocoa butter with natural oils, which are captivated with unique, fresh aromas!

New muffins:

- Confetti Muffin - with shea and cocoa butter, coconut and sweet almond oil.

- Purple Blossom - with shea and cocoa butter, coconut oil.

Sunny Cream - with shea and cocoa butter, coconut and avocado oil.






SANDALWOOD & TOBACCO - aromatic cosmetics with the scent of sandalwood and tobacco.

- BATH GEL - with the addition of opuntia ficus-indica extract, vegetable glycerine and vit. B5. perfectly cleanses, moisturizes and regenrates skin. Opuntia extract has anti-ageing and moisturizing properties.

- SHAMPOO AND SHOWER GEL 2 IN 1 - energizing shower gel with the addition of orange flower extract, vegetable glycerin, vit. B5. Perfectly cleanses, moisturizes and regenerates skin. Orange extract has antiseptic properties.

- SALT PEELING - based on Dead Sea salt with the addition of opuntia ficus-indica extract. It naturally exfoliates dead skin cells and improves microcirculation. It visibly improves skin tone and gently oils. Excellent in the fight againt cellulite.

- BODY BUTTER - based on nutritional natural ingredients with the addition of shea butter, opuntia ficus-indica extract, allantoin, vit E. It optimally moisturizes, elasticises and smoothes the skin, inhibits skin ageing processes.

BATH CAVIAR - pearl caviar bath with a high level of moisture due to the presence of urea. Effectively cleanses and refreshes the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Actively helps prevent dehydration and lack of firmness.

- BATH POWDER - aromatic, moisturizing bath powder with shea butter, cocoa butter and natural oils.

- BATH BALL - effervescent bath ball.





Contain shea butter which has healing properties, nourishing and regenerating. Cocoa butter has anti ageing properties and provides excellent protection against harmful external factors. Butter also has an excellent moisturizing properties, for preventing excessive drying.




Contains shea butter which has healing properties, nourishing and regenerating. Cocoa butter has anti ageing properties and provides excellent protection against harmful external factors. Butter also has an excellent moisturizing properties, for preventing excessive drying.


Citrus Wood

Our offer includes:

- BEARD OIL - nourishing oil softening the beard.

- SHAMPOO AND SHOWER GEL 2 IN 1 - formula without silicone, parabens and mineral oil, rich in suitably selected natural herbal extracts and vitamins and soothing aloe juice.

- REFRESHING SHOWER GEL - on the basis of mild cleaning agents with the addition of green tea extract, panthenol and soothing aloe juice.

- SOOTHING FACE CREAM - recommended for all skin types, especially sensitive and irritated skin. Contains 10% juice with aloe vera, shea butter, macadamia oil, allantoin, panthenol and wit. E.

- NATURAL SOAP - with the addition of wheat bran, ground walnut shells, and green tea extract.



OLEJ BURITI - for mature and dry skin.

OLEJ TAMANU - for oily and acne skin.

OLEJ MARULA - for mature and dry skin.



REGENERATING HAND MASK - based on argan oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter and urea.

FEET CREAM - with urea (20%), shea butter and argan oil.