Shea butter is also called karite butter.

Shea butter is obtained from seeds of stones of fruit of Shea tree (Karite). It is naturally rich in A, E, D, F vitamins and cinnamic acid. It also provides natural protection against UV (SPF around 6).

The tree has first fruits when it reaches age of 20. It bears fruit fully only when it is 45 and does it for almost 200 years. It grows in East Africa, North Uganda and South Sudan.

Step by step:

- The nut has to be cracked out of its shell
​- It has to be washed and left to dry
​- Then it has to be crushed into little pieces
​- Small pieces of nut are now roasted and ground into paste of dark chocolate colour
​- Some water is added and it is whipped to be mixed well
​- Later on, the paste is cleaned by being rinsed with distilled water
​- A mass obtained in this way has to be heated so fats are separated on the top and oils at the bottom
​- Then the fat is collected and remaining oil is left until its get hard  – it is our shea butter.


It is perfect for looking after dry sensitive skin prone to allergies. It delays ageing, protects from harsh weather conditions, brings back firmness and elasticity thanks to the content of A, E, F vitamins.
Fat acids which are included in it are almost identical with fat acids  present in the corneal layer of epidermis what makes it so easy to absorb by skin. Recommended also for pregnant women who wish to avoid stretch marks.
Shea butter provides perfect care for damaged hair. By regeneration process it smooths hair and gives it gloss while preventing frizziness.