Glycerine soap cleans, softens, and moisturizes dry skin. It gets rid of the sensation of tension by soothing irritations and can be applied on sensitive skin. 

All this is possible because of glycerine's trait of penetrating corneal layer of epidermis thanks to which it goes deep down into spaces between cells of skin and ensures long-lasting and intensive effect of moist and smoothness.

Glycerine is a natural transparent liquid of rather sweet taste. Its primary source are vegetable fats. Before technological processing it resembles fat syrup-like liquid to the touch. Its main feature is hygroscopicity i.e. the ability to hold water thanks to which it intensively moisturizes and soothes dried dull skin with no elasticity. 

Glycerine soaps manufactured by Stara Mydlarnia are hand made natural products which result from traditional recipes.  Apart from glycerine base consisting of natural components one shall find in them:

- essential oils and natural aromas to which they owe their extraordinary scent;

- other additives making the soap even better e.g. plant extracts, peeling particles;

​- a lot of passion and inspiration by nature.

Production of our soaps is a carefully planned process consisting of several stages. Thanks to it we achieve the most interesting patterns. At stage I we make small soap elements in the moulds of fancy shapes, which have to cool down and are later immersed in soap mass to create complete composition.