Activated carbon has been popular in cosmetology for a very long time. Most of us connects carbon with dirt and pollution. When it comes to cosmetic carbon it is an absolute opposite. This amazing substance impeccably deals with deep skin cleansing and is a perfect absorbent of dust, dirt and excessive sebum.

Activated carbon can be compared to sponge absorbing unwanted toxins from our organism. Dirt and contaminants glue to carbon particles and are absorbed by them and then removed from face with water. At the contact with skin this substance is able to draw contaminants not only from the skin surface, but also from its deeper layers.

Due to its qualities activated carbon is very often used with a complexion suffering from acne, oily or contaminated. It equalizes skin colour smoothly and unblocks clogged pores. Its bactericidal activity prevents infections and effectively fights free radicals. Therefore, a rescue for contaminated face, neck and cleavage is soaps, gels and masks based on carbon.

We recommend maturing plant carbon Vege Soap from Stara Mydlarnia.